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Considering learning an Indian instrument, I recommend listening to Indian music, preferably Indian classical music. Even better, see it live. Indian classical music, in addition to being some of the most breathtaking music on the planet, will give you the full scope of what the instruments are capable of.

There are certainly many things you can learn from videos, books, and hearsay, but there are many more that you simply must be shown. Having an interactive guide through the learning curve will help to keep you from being frustrated from sounding bad at first. In the same way that learning a language is best done with proper pronunciation from the beginning, starting off on a good foot with enhance your development for years to come. Lessons aren’t just for beginners, a teacher will help unravel the mysteries of your own talents and the abilities of the giants whose shoulders you stand upon. Classes are available, however, having private lessons can be even more helpful due to the attention that one receives when there are no classmates.

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Helpful Tip: Please don't practice hard, with grim determination, but let the music flow through you as you become one with your instrument and the music flows, hours may seem to pass like minutes as you float down the river of your creative imagination. Let the instrument sing for you. In Zen one would say "Let IT play". If this seems a little too poetic as a description to some that's because this is very much what Indian music is! Once swimming in the musical river one often transcends normal existence and find time suspended.

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