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From brass to reed instruments, wind instruments are one of the most beautiful sounds that can be made. Here at International Music School our teachers can help the students to embrace the necessities in order to successfully play a wind instrument. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, we have a class or instructor for you. Our methods of teaching are quick and engaging so the student is always progressing.

Most wind instruments require the player to do something very specific with the lips and the facial muscles while blowing, in order to get a good, controlled sound. (Brass instruments will get no sound at all unless the lips are buzzing against each other and the mouthpiece.) The formal term for what a player does with the lips and face is embouchure, the informal term is chops. If you are a beginner, your instructor will teach you about the different parts of the sax such as the mouthpiece, reeds and other basic knowledge. So, when you enroll in our saxophone lessons, you are guaranteed to maximize your knowledge and skill with the instrument. So sign up for your lessons now, and have fun chasing your new musical endeavor.

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Some of Our Instructors:

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Frederick Staff is a passionate, caring teacher who loves to serve. His students and families rave about him. He teaches the Bel Canto Technique with incredible results. Frederick has studied with Julius Baker, James Galway, Jean-Pierre Rampal, Geoffrey Gilbert, Harry Shub, Walfrid Kujala, and more recently, with David Shostac in Los Angeles. Under Frederick's expert guidance, students experience, Students excell, consistently winning contests and scholarships worldwide. Another critical element of success in working with Frederick, is his expertise in selecting and providing the proper instrument to match the flutist. Currently, hundreds of different flutes are available from his inventory. He is concert master and founder of the magnificent, Song of Angels Flute Orchestra based in Los Angeles California. This provides a natural place for his more accomplished students to perform. Flute Classroom private lessons are affordable, rewarding and enjoyable. Before you consider any other option, give Frederick a call, new students are being accepted in Los Angeles and the surrounding area.

Among Frederick’s students are musicians who have won the YMF National Debut Concerto Competition, the Los Angeles Young Musicians Foundation’s young Artist Scholarship award, and the Disney award. They have played first in the All-Southern California Orchestra, the World Youth Symphony and the All American Orchestra.

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