Feel free to contact us with any of your questions at 949-650-7788 or contact us online.

What if I'm a total beginner?
Not a problem. All of our instructors have taught many beginners, and welcome the challenge of helping new students. We help beginning students of all ages. 



How do I sign up? 
1. Read our policies

2. Schedule your lessons by contacting us online or calling 949-650-7788

How soon can I start?
You simply need to pay for your lessons one week in advance. Then you can start anytime. We offer open enrollment, and we're open year-round. 

How many lessons should I sign up for? Our plans of 4 lessons are the most popular. You are also welcome to begin your experience with a single lesson, or enjoy the convenience of monthly billing with our 4-lesson plans. 

Should I choose 60 or 30 minute lessons?
Most of our adult students prefer our 60-minute lessons. For children under 14, we recommend 30-minute lessons. 

Do I have to bring my instrument to the lessons?
Guitar, bass, Drum and piano students are welcome to use our instruments during the lesson, and there is no additional charge. 

Are there any age restrictions?
We have students of all ages. However, we generally do not accept children under 5 years old for private lessons, although some exceptions can be made. Individual voice instructors may have age restrictions.

Can I cancel my lesson? Do you offer make-up lessons?
Please read the student contract carefully, and note the cancellation policies for students and instructors.


What if I am going to be away for some of my lessons? Will I still be charged?
Our booking policy is flexible in that you are only charged for the lessons you are planning on taking each month. If you plan on going on vacation, you can simply add the dates you are unavailable to your vacation calendar, and we will automatically not schedule or bill you for those lessons. That way you are in full control over how many lessons you take each month. However, if you do not update your calendar or give us 24 hours to re-schedule a lesson, you will be billed for the lesson you missed.


How long until I see some results?
The great thing is, you control your own results! If you put effort into your lessons, you will definitely see improvement right away.


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